Move-in Procedure

  • How can you find the best property? How should you proceed if you are interested in a particular property?
  • We have created an easy to understand guideline which explains the various steps.
  1. Inquiry
  2. Visiting the Real Estate Agency
  3. Applying to move in
  4. Reviewing your application
  5. Contract
  6. Moving Preperations
  7. Moving in
  Step Summary Explanation


Please feel free to contact us via the Internet, send us an e-mail or call us once you have found a property you are interested in.

If you inquire via phone please provide us with the respective Property Number.
Should you contact us via the Internet please fill out the special online form after clicking on the Inquiry button.
In case that the desired property is no longer available please describe the type of property you are looking for and we will do our best to find matching properties for you.
Please inform us in advance when you would like to visit us.
Should you already know your contact person please contact him/her directly.

Visiting the Real Estate Agency 

We will be your local real estate guide.
Please check the correponding boxes to select the criteria that are important to you.

<Property Interior Checkpoints>

a)Size of the Rooms and Ceiling Height

Let's take notes whether large furniture will fit into the rooms.
Furthermore, does the property allow for the set-up of a washing machine and a refrigerator?


Let's confirm the equipment of the property such as airconditioning and lighting.
Should you need additional equipment, how much are you willing to spend?

c)Storage Space

Does the property have storage space?
Let's confirm the size.

d)Brightness and Air Circulation

Let's confirm the direction of the property and the day light exposure.

<Surrounding Neighborhood Checkpoints>

a)Time required to the nearest train station

Walking time is based on the assumption that it takes 1 minute to walk 80 meter. Actual walking time might differ depending on the individual's walking speed.
Furthermore, it is important to consider transfer times and rush hour conditions.

The vicinity of the property
Let's check if hospitals, goverment offices, and post offices and other important facilities are nearby.

Shopping Convenience
Let's confirm whether supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. are nearby.

b)Parking Space

Let's confirm if there is a parking space available and its location.

c)Noise and Odor

Are there facilities in the vicinity that cause noise and/or odor?


Applying to move in

Please apply once you found a property you like.

Once you have found the property you would like to move in please fill in the application form.
Please provide detailed personal information such as your name, address, occupation and annual income.

You might be required to provide a guarantor. Please specify your desired move-in date.
You might be required to make a deposit payment.


Reviewing your application

Please wait for the result of your application review.

Your application form will be reviewed by the real estate agency and the owner of the property. Normally, the approval process takes about 1 week.

After your application has been approved we will immediately start drafting the contract for you.



Finally the time has come to sign the contract.
Please listen carefully to the explanations of the real estate agent.
Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary that you understand the whole content of the contract and that there is nothing left which you do not understand.
Also, please make sure to receive your new house keys after you have signed the contract.

Please have all the required documents prepared before signing the contract.
In particular, please contact your guarantor well in advance.

a)Necessary expenses

Security Deposit, Key Money, Brokerage Commission, Insurance Premium.

Other costs will depend on the type of property.

We will inform you about these costs should they occur.

b)Required Documents

Certificate of Residence, Name Seal, Tax Income Certificate, Certificate of Official Registration of Guarantor's Name Seal


Moving Preperations

Before moving, various preparations are required.

a)Let's obtain quotes from moving companies. Especially in March and April many people move in Japan.
Therefore, let's do it ahead of time.

b)Procedure for changing address at the muncipal office

You can change your residence registration at the local municipal office up to 14 days prior to your moving date.

c)Procedure to change your home's phone number

You can dial 116 for changing your address with NTT.

d)Procedure to inform utility companies (gas, electricity, water/sewage)

Please inform each company separately that you will be moving soon.
Please pay attention to the respective settlement date.
Gas companies require an appointment for disconnecting/connecting your househould.

e)Informing the Post Office

If you fill out the Moving Notice at your local post office all your mail will be forwarded to your new address for up to 1 year.

f)Drainage of Waching Machine and Refrigerator

Please drain your washing machine and refrigerator before moving out.

g)Other items

Disposal of oversize garbage

Moving out procedure for schools

Contacting newspaper distributors


Moving in 

Finally you can start your new life!

<On the moving day and after>

a)Inspection of the new home

Please inspect all doors and wet area appliances and confirm their full functionality.
Please contact your real estate agency if there is anything you are worried about.

b)Obtaining gas, electricity and water/sewage services at your new home

Please inform each utility company separately by sending them a special postcard.
Please be personally present when your new home is connected to the gas network.

c)Procedure for registering your new address at the muncipal office

Please take your Residence Certificate, your Certificate of Moving
and your name seal to the local municipal office.

d)Bank and Credit Card Address Change

Please take your bank passbook and your name seal to your bank for changing your address.
Please contact your credit card company via phone and send them all the required documents by mail.

e)Changing the address of your driver's license

Please go to the police station closest to your new home for changing the address of your driver's license.