Privacy Policy

  • About the handling of personal information on our website

 Bantoh Real Estate Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). Managed home page (hereinafter referred to as "our website"). In accordance with the Company's personal information protection policy, as described below, the Company strives to ensure the protection of all personal information.

1.Personal information

Personal information refers to the following information provided by the customer: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender and place of work. This information might also be used to determine the customer's relationship within his/her family.

2.Acquisition of personal information

On our website, in order to provide adequate service to our customers in regards to real estate and real estate related products, visitors to our website are required to provide personal information. The extent of personal information required may vary. If the purpose of the information acquisition is specified in advance, the company can use the personal information in a proper and fair manner.
(Please note that if a customer should decide not to provide personal information, the company will not be able to provide adequate service.)

3.Purpose / Use of Personal Information

On our website, we use the customer's personal information for the purposes stated below. We will not use any personal information from our customers for purposes that exceed the stated ones.

  • To answer inquiries from our customers
  • To provide adequate service to our customers who have requested real estate related information
  • To provide useful real estate related information to our customers
    (We will cancel the submission of information if a customer wishes so)
  • Others, In case we have to contact our customer when the need arises

・Sharing of Personal Customer Information with Affiliated Companies

In order to provide good customer service the company might share personal customer information with affiliated companies.

Furthermore, the company and/or the affiliated companies might provide real estate information to the customers via e-mail or direct mail. However, if the customer wishes to receive no information the company and/or the affiliated companies will cancel the distribution accordingly.

4.Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

The company will not disclose any personal information received from its customers to third parties except for the following instances stated below.

  • In case the company has received consent from the customer
  • In case laws and regulations require disclosure
  • In case it has been determined that life, physical well-being or property is at risk

In addition, the company might disclose personal customer information for statistical purposes. However, the company will absolutely not disclose any information which could identify the customer.

・Provision and Disclosure to Contractors

The company might entrust personal customer information to contractors. All contractors are contractually obligated to thoroughly enforce the safe handling of personal customer information, are strictly forbidden to re-provide any such information and are required to take appropriate measures to prevent any data leakage.

5.Customer Request to Disclose, Correct or Delete Personal Information

If the company receives a customer request for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information, the company will act promptly to fulfill the customer request.

6.Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

The company has implemented strict and appropriate measures to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, leakage of or unauthorized access to personal customer information.

1)Use of Cookies

In order to improve the customer experience, our website is using a technology called cookies.

Cookies are small software files that are stored on the customer's computer when visiting our website. These small files allow our company to recognize a customer who has visited our website before and thus increase customer convenience. Personal information will not be stored.

Most Internet browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However, it is possible to deactivate the acceptance of cookies. Please note that the deactivation might cause some browsers to display web content incompletely.

2)Log Files

On our website, we collect customer information such as IP address, type of browser, reference URL and visiting time. The collection of this information via log files will help the company to detect customer trends. In addition, personal information is not collected when detecting customer trends.

3)Links to other websites

On our website, we have listed links to other websites in order to provide useful information and services to our customers. However, please note that we can not assume responsibility for the handling of personal information on the linked websites.

7.Revision of Privacy Policy

In order to protect the privacy of its customers, the company will revise the Privacy Policy whenever the need arises. Revision to the Privacy Policy will be published on the company's website from time to time.

8.Inquiries regarding personal information

Please contact us should you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy.

  • Bantoh Real Estate Tokyo Person in charge of Personal Information: Hiroyuki Tabata
  • TEL:03-5793-5350
  • FAX:03-5793-5328